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Small efforts can make a huge difference; we are only looking for the 3.5% change-makers of the whole population to make that happen. Change is good, no matter how small it is.

What's the 3.5% rule?

What is the 3.5% rule?

The “3.5% rule” refers to the claim by Erica Chenoweth, a climate researcher, that if 3.5% percentage of a population initiates political and social change through nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, then they are capable of affecting serious political change.

You can assist disadvantaged families access a portfolio of rights and welfare entitlements to support moving them out of poverty.

Push to see the bigger impact of your effort.


We aim to move every vulnerable family in India out of poverty by 2050.

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Watch how 3.5% of people can bring about lasting change.

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Phule Ambedkar Fellowship

The Phule Ambedkar Fellowship (PAF) is an effort to bring together individuals who believe in the intersection of social justice and public policy. It is a cross functional and rotational role with field experience at its core where an individual gets to undertake strategic projects resulting in possible long term leadership roles on Indus Action’s mission. The focus of the fellowship will be on Policy Implementation of PoWER (Portfolio of Welfare Entitlements and Rights).

The fellowship is an opportunity to build one’s  understanding of a policy-implementation organization and  develop generalist skills across Partnerships, Technology and Organizational Development.Phule Ambedkar Fellowship is a 12-months full-time commitment. As a fellow, you will be attached to an operational team to lead Samaaj operations in the respective state and an internal backbone function (Strategy and Learning, Fundraising, HR etc.) as a point person. Post the fellowship tenure, you may have an opportunity to move into a full time role (either state or functional) with Indus Action, based on performance evaluation and Organization’s requirement.


Champions Programme

Incepted in December 2020, Samaaj 3.5% program is an initiative by Indus Action to build a volunteer network across India to prepare individuals to advocate for social issues within their communities. The program is for citizens who believe in equal access to legislative rights. Through a 6-months experiential learning curriculum, the program trains its community and civic champions in skills and values that equip them to engage with and for communities. The Champions closely work with state teams, partner organizations, community leaders and beneficiaries to ensure last mile delivery of government schemes.

The program is an effort to build a network of community leaders across India advocating for rights of vulnerable families thereby constituting “3.5%” of the population striving for social justice. Currently, we have Samaaj chapters across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu, with 2 graduated cohorts.


FAQs about the Community Champions Programme

Q. How much time should I devote daily to the programme?

A. Community Champions work from Monday-Saturday every week and are expected to spend 6 hours daily for the programme.

Q. Should I be in the same city where the project is happening?

A. You have to be in the same state where operations are underway. Currently, our project management units are based out of three cities: Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu. This is applicable for a PAF/Community Champion/ Community Leader.

Q. What am I expected to do as a Community Champion?

A. The main aim of your engagement will be to work with vulnerable families and ensure first-mile delivery of welfare rights.

Q. What skill set is expected from a Community Champion?

A. Following are the basic skills required from a champion: Ability to connect and interact with the community; Basic writing and reading skills; Understanding on the usage of smartphones and basic understanding about local issues and governance structures in the neighbourhood.

Q. What will my learning and development curve look like in the course of six months?

A. The effort of Indus Action will be to ensure a continuous learning process for the champions over the course of the six months. We will be conducting weekly technical and non-technical sessions for learning and development of the champions to ensure that they are able to develop a good understanding of legislative rights and that they develop skills for community engagement. We will also assist them in their journey to become a social entrepreneur.

Q. What will happen at the end of six months?

A. At the end of six months, you will be given a ‘Certificate of Experience’ from Indus Action. We will also be giving opportunities to champions to develop proposals which can be eligible for seed funding from Indus Action and also assist champions to work with other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the future.

Q. What if I want to leave the programme before the completion of six months?

A. We strongly discourage champions leaving before the completion of the programme. Only in exceptional circumstances will this be considered and in case someone opts to leave before the completion of six months, the ‘Certificate of Experience’ will not be provided.

Q. Who can become a Community Leader?

A. Not just a champion who has been a part of the Samaaj 3.5% program. An individual who has already been a leader in their prior role within the Community can also apply for this program. You will have to submit a proposal that includes your project description and the goals you wish to achieve. Upon selection of the proposal, you will be a part of the Community Leaders program.







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Our Champions

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Our Team

The Samaaj 3.5% team comprises of committed citizens zealous for change in their community. Be it travelling miles to distribute ration or respond to COVID emergencies or equip a community to respond to crisis, our team is ever ready to bring change to their communities by serving its members.



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Our Partners

Samaaj 3.5% is an ecosystem of individuals and organisations who believe in active citizenship and community led-change. We encourage individuals and institutions who share this belief to join hands with us. You can:

Connect us with potential leaders.

Collaborate with us in creating the learning and development curriculum.

Call for action by spreading the word or volunteering as a champion.